Terrill and Danielle are from a small town in MO and wanted to cross "going west" off their bucket lists.

And they chose to do so in the beautiful Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming! Covid had made them change their plans (3 times!) and then they finally made it, and despite the smoke, were able to enjoy the stunning scenery. Danielle knew taking such a special trip would be even better if she had gorgeous photos to remember it by- so she asked me to meet them there to document their time!

Oh yeah I should mention... they GOT ENGAGED!!

Terrill wanted to make his proposal special and do it while on their trip, but he knew she would be expecting it DURING the session. So he planned for it to be before so she would be surprised, but still get the engagement session in the Tetons! (How thoughtful is that?!?) He made some cinnamon rolls and popped the question and CHECK OUT THIS BLING!!

His only request to me was for a picture of her proposing so he could announce that HE said "yes" and how in the world do you say no to that?! So peep Terrill's favorite photo above! haha!

Adventure sessions are not just for weddings, people!!

They are for EVERY SEASON. Capture those perfect memories in a way that will last a lifetime. If you're not sure where to start- that's exactly where I come in... I'll help you prep and plan to get the photos of your DREAMS with the ones you love the most!