This was my first official "elopement" and it sparked in my heart that this is EXACTLY what I'm meant to do.

Emily and Brady love adventure and wanted their wedding day to be as laid-back as they are.

Emilee and I met at our resort (Baker's Cay- 10/10 would recommend) on Wednesday night- scouted around our resort for photo ideas, and then did last minute planning over drinks at the bar. The next morning- Brady made homemade fishing lures while Emilee got ready and I took detail shots. Everything was so relaxed and fit the mood of the location perfectly.

The ceremony was probably my all-time favorite.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the officiant had Emilee and Brady pause for a moment and look around, breathe, deeply, take everything in. She said that one day, when the honeymoon is over, things are going to be harder- and it's going to be tempting to quit- but to remember the commitment they are making today. A commitment to love even when life does not feel as glamorous as Key Largo. QUE THE CHILLS. I tucked that away in my mind to remember back home- because she's so right! It was the first time I heard an officiant do something like that, and I loved how it set the tone of the rest of the ceremony!

Another moment I feel needs mentioning was that Brady promised to love Emilee even when she only puts 1 moon pie in his lunch box... and if that ain't love- I don't know what is! HAHA

I wasn't about to be at the beach and not get in the ocean.

So that's what we did. Waded out in to the water in our nice clothes, got some crazy looks walking back to the resort- but MANNN that sunset did not disappoint- I'd definitely say it was worth it. Fun fact- the keys is not "beachy and blue water" it's rocky and crystal clear! Maybe I'm late to the party here, but that was a beautiful change from the beaches I'm use to.

After our sunset photos, we dried off super quick and went to the resort's restaurant where I had the BEST lobster pasta of my life. Seriously. SO GOOD.

Imagine instead of spending your wedding budget on 200 of your closest family and friends- you put it towards a trip of a lifetime- that you just so happened to get married on.

That's a MAJOR perk to eloping. You don't have to think "budget savvy" here- you can get glamor and extravagance because EVERYTHING is focused on your and your fiancé. There's more room to splurge on that dream location, dream dress, dream photographer (shameless plug- I'll tag along ANYWHERE!) and more! If this is speaking to your soul- message me and we can talk more about if eloping is right for you!