What does an un-posed newborn session look like?

Newborn sessions can go so many different directions- and if you're looking for something that captures your new family, in this fresh stage of life, then an in-home session may be right for you. This is special because for once, we try to slow down. Keep it simple. No crazy swaddle techniques, no backdrops, no props. Just your home, your family, your moments. In-home sessions are also perfect for nursing photos. Documenting your journey no matter how it looks. When you look back on these photos, I want you to remember how it felt to kiss those sweet little cheeks in the comfort of your home.

These details matter most.

Because they truly grow up SO FAST. Like I can't even understand how each week they look like a completely different child. Subtle daily changes that make huge differences over time. So I focus on those. The chunky rolls, little lips, tiny fingernails, and everything in between. I capture the intimate moments- the nursing journey and the sweet kisses. You staring as your oldest holds your baby. It's all so special, and I want your momma heart to be blessed every time you look back at these days.

These memories are for you.

I always tell my clients "you have the power to post." If you're on the fence about letting someone take those intimate photos for worry of not wanting them on the internet, then let that be known. I offer a password protected option to all of my in-home sessions that you are in control of who sees. You don't have to share these photos with anyone else. They are for you. If you want to share, that choice is completely yours. Don't let yourself get talked out of beautiful images you will cherish for a lifetime.

Some tips for making the most of your in-home newborn session.

Open all of the windows, and let in as much light as possible.

Set out neutral colored blankets with different textures to layer.

Clear the clutter out of the rooms you will take photos in, taking a minimal approach will help keep the focus on you.

Schedule your session within the first week of you coming home. Your baby changes every week, and you will want to capture this fresh stage.

Plan for extra time for wardrobe changes and feedings. We will be on your baby's time, and you don't want to add the stress of a tight timeline.