My best advice for any bride is to roll with whatever the day brings....

And YES, that includes rain. Now I know for many people this seems like a daunting "worse case scenario" but in reality, it's part of what makes your day unique! Making a rain plan in advance is so important to keep the stress low. It's better to make the plans and not need them, then to need them and have to make them the morning of your wedding. So while it may not be IDEAL- plan for rain!

Max and Amanda decided to move everything inside and do an intimate ceremony in the same barn loft they were holding the reception.

Guests sat in their chairs near the fireplace, then when the ceremony was over, the picked up their chairs and took them to the tables behind for the dinner. While the guests got settled- I snuck the happy couple outside for a few rainy shots.

It was a bit dark and the string lights made such a romantic touch. They stayed under the umbrella for the most part, and snuggled in tight!

Photographers & Brides- BUY AN UMBRELLA!

You do not want to be frantically searching the morning of your wedding for an atheistically pleasing umbrella choice. I have a clear umbrella in my "kit" that I bring with me to every wedding...because you truly never know what may happen. This day was one that it came in handy. As a photographer, I prefer the clear ones so I can get creative shots through them, but solid black or navy for a bridal party would also be a great choice.

"Rain is just confetti falling from the sky"

Perspective is everything. At the end of the day, you're getting married- and that's cause to celebrate in the rain or shine!