You session should be as adventurous as you are.

Senior year is a fantastic time to create some awesome memories. Think outside of the box, and let's create something totally your own. When it comes to outfits- the sky's the limit. So if you wanna wear a fancy dress in the middle of a waterfall- then you do you, boo! Here are some other tips to think about when you're planning you senior session.

Pick your location.

Think beyond your school. Find a mountain to hike, walk downtown, or swim out to a waterfall. If you're taking a senior trip somewhere cool- think about taking a photographer with you and doing a session there too!

If you really want to incorporate classic grad photos, you can consider bringing your cap & gown along for the ride!

Take time pamper.

Take your time getting your hair and makeup done. When you feel more confident, your personality can really shine through in your images. If you're able to splurge, going to a salon for a professional treatment can make your day feel more special too!

Doing trendy outfits are a fun thing to look back on years later and see how things changed. If you have time to do multiple outfits, you can start neutral and then swap it for a more colorful and bold option.

Show off you.

Instruments, sports, and hobbies are all things that will help make your session unique. Think about some of your favorite things, and talk to your photographer about creative ways to use them.

Some fun ideas are:

Hiking/ canoeing

Dancing in an outdoor setting

Sports at an old field

Painting/ drawing


Playing instruments downtown

Make it a memory.

Everything is better with friends. So grab your bestie and consider doing them together.

Enjoy getting ready, hype each other up during your sessions, and get some cute pics together along the way!

Senior photos should be an experience to remember. Make it your own!